Female Celebs Over 50 Who Prove Aging Is Attractive
Female Celebs Over 50 Who Prove Aging Is Attractive

They say money can't buy you love, but it certainly can buy youth and good looks. In this gallery of glamorously aging gurus, you can compare pictures from back in the day to more recent snaps ... And see if you can get your head around whatever time-bending hocus-pocus is going on.

Heather Locklear (age 62 years)

Heather Locklear

Heather might have had some struggles in recent years, but she looks darned good. Famous for her acting talent, great hair and being Tommy Lee's other ex, who she proposed in 1986 to after three months of dating. Darn, what exactly is it about that dude?

Christie Brinkley (age 70 years)

Christie Brinkley 1

Being a swimsuit model can't be easy. Looking great all the time. Getting loads of free swimsuits. Doing all that ... swimming? Christie was gorgeous back in the 80s and she's a stunner today—with hair to rival Dolly Parton herself, a waist Dita Von Teese would envy, and a jawline to rival Reece Witherspoon.