How to Do Calf Raises Correctly
How to Do Calf Raises Correctly

Strengthening your calves helps protect your whole body from injury, not to mention the toning effect it has on your legs. Here's how to correctly do calf raises so they effectively build these important muscles for mobility.


The Process

Part 1 The Process

First, stand up straight with your feet about shoulder-width apart, head forward and arms relaxed at your sides. Both toes should be pointed forward. Once you have the right stance, slowly lift your heels off the ground at the same time. Pause when the calves are fully flexed, then return heels to the floor.

Repeat this action, a single rep, for about 15 to 30 reps. Take a rest for a few minutes, then do another set of the same length. You can do calf raises anywhere, so aim to add them to your routine about three days a week.

One caution: If you find your ankles roll during this movement, postpone calf raises in favor of ankle-strengthening exercises to prevent injury.


The Benefits

Part 2 The Benefits

Whether you're an active athlete or a fitness newbie, keeping up with calf raises can enhance your performance. Building these muscles increases your overall strength, a boon for endeavors like lifting weights. You'll also notice improved power when you jump or push off to start a run or climb. Calf raises also boost balance, which helps us maintain mobility and avoid falls as we age.