6 Best Products for Neck Pain
6 Best Products for Neck Pain

According to Harvard Health, up to 4 billion people experience neck pain yearly. If you're part of this number, you know neck pain can be uncomfortable at best and intolerable at worst. Here are the six best products for neck pain you should add to your arsenal to prevent and soothe any future neck pangs.

Non-Medical Products

Non Medical Products

These are some of the non-medical neck products you should use to take care of your neck properly:

  • Massager: Using a neck massager to gently loosen neck cramps and knots throughout the day can protect you from severe neck pain. Types of neck massagers include manual massage balls, automated smart neck massagers, and deep tissue neck massagers.
  • Memory Foam Pillow: A memory foam pillow will keep your neck at the best angle to prevent muscle sprain, ensuring your neck and spine are always aligned no matter which position you sit or sleep in.
  • Heating Pad: A pad delivers controlled amounts of heat to your neck muscles, promoting blood flow and gently loosening the tension in affected areas.

Medical and Herbal Products

Medical and Herbal Products

Some of the medicinal and herbal products that can soothe neck strain and pain include:

  • Pain Tablets: Aspirin tablets and non-aspirin medicines such as Tylenol can quickly relieve pain from a neck ache. Use a pain tablet if you experience sudden or incapacitating neck pain while waiting for expert medical attention.
  • Balm: Applying a pain relief balm on the parts of your neck that hurt helps reduce the inflammation that causes neck pain. Balms with chemicals such as camphor also improve blood flow to the affected areas, which helps loosen tensed muscles.
  • Soaps: While soap may not instantly relieve neck pain, taking a bath with herbal soaps after a long day can help reduce muscle strain which could turn into persistent pain if not attended to.