Women Notice These Biggest Grooming Mistakes in Men
Women Notice These Biggest Grooming Mistakes in Men

Women see a lot more than a man overusing cologne. A woman will see shoes and clothes, but most of all they notice a man's grooming. Women love a man that takes care of himself more than anything. Men do their best grooming, but it's easy to overlook certain habits. A man's grooming habits are the most important part of his look.

Women Notice a Man's Skin

Women Notice a Man s Skin

The first thing women tend to look at is a man's hands. When a man's nails are too long, dirt can get trapped under the nail. A man's fingernails should stay trimmed short to keep them clean-looking.

Hands develop callous when men work hard outdoors. Wearing gloves is a great option to keep calluses and even cuts from forming on hands. Touching a woman may be off the table as hard hands may not be appealing to them.

While women notice hands first, they will look at the skin. Using a cleanser to clean the skin makes a man look sharp and put together. Men keep their skin as lovely as possible by using a good SPF sunscreen or moisturizer every day.

Women Notice a Man's Hair

Women Notice a Man s Hair

Beards and hair need trimming. Overgrown beards can be off-putting to women. It makes a man look unkempt and doesn't care about his appearance. A trim beard and no neck beard will keep a man looking sharp. A well-maintained beard makes a man look more put together.

Things like nose hair may not be noticeable to you, but a woman will notice the hair right away. Including nose hair trimming completes any man's self-care routine.

Don't forget the manscaping! Women love when a man keeps up with cutting excessive body hair. A trimmed body tells a woman that a man cares about impressing her.