Top Foods to Help With Bloating
Top Foods to Help With Bloating

A bloated belly is a common ailment and often feels difficult to relieve. Luckily, there are foods you can choose to help reduce your symptoms, whether your bloating is brought on by gas, water retention, or poor gut health.

Keep Things Moving

Keep Things Moving 1

Often, we get bloated because fluids, gas, and waste aren't moving through our digestive tract as they should be. If this is the case, foods that are high in fiber are a great way to kick-start your system. Avocados are an excellent option for this, as they're rich in potassium and full of fiber.

You could also try upping your intake of foods that have high water content, including veggies like cucumbers and celery. If you're more of a fruit fan, strawberries and apples are also both high in water and have plenty of fiber, so try snacking on them to tamper down any bloating.

Trust Your Gut

Trust Your Gut 1

Issues with your overall gut health can also lead to more frequent bloating. Try incorporating foods that help increase the healthy bacteria in your gut and relieve your symptoms. Opt for foods that contain probiotics (i.e., that good bacteria we're talking about), such as yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, and miso.

You might also try foods rich in prebiotics, another type of healthy bacteria. Garlic, onions, and asparagus are all excellent options. Flaxseeds are another popular prebiotic choice. Blend them into a smoothie as an easy way to sneak them into your regular diet.