Effective 7-Day Plan To Reduce Back Pain
Effective 7-Day Plan To Reduce Back Pain

Long hours working at a computer combined with a lack of physical activity can result in tension, aches and pain. Extreme back pain can be debilitating and negatively impact your quality of life. Here's an effective seven-day plan to combat back pain.

Day 1 - Rest Well

Day 1   Rest Well

Research indicates that poor sleep is linked to chronic pain levels. So, to prepare for the active week ahead, make sure you're well rested and eating healthy.

Day 2 - Start With Light Exercise

If you're not used to exercising yet, you'll want to avoid shocking the body by doing too much. Start with some light movements to loosen your muscles and get your body used to moving in new ways.

Day 3 - Stretching

Day 3   Stretching

Many types of back pain result from tightened or contracted muscles. As such, it's important to start stretching your back and neck. Back stretching should always start with spinal elongation before attempting backbends, side-bends and spinal twists.

Day 4 - Relaxation

Tight muscles often result from stress. Practice muscle relaxation techniques to start counteracting the problem. Lay down flat with eyes closed and relax each muscle one by one.

Day 5 - Massage

Day 5   Massage

Going for a professional massage or practicing self-massage can help to relieve muscle tension. Add this to your stretching and relaxation for increased benefit.

Day 6 - Hot and Cold

Contrasting hot and cold temperatures stimulates blood flow which ultimately helps to oxygenate muscles. Try doing a 15-minute sauna followed by a cold shower or ice bath.

Day 7 - Consolidate Practice

Day 7   Consolidate Practice

Hopefully, at this stage, you'll already be feeling massive improvements. The best way to avoid future back pain is to continue these practices daily or as often as possible.